If this is your first time sharing life with a dog…congratulations! While it’s amazing and you’re going to create such a beautiful relationship together, it can be overwhelming. Where do you even start?

Whether you have a puppy, or you’ve opened your heart and home to a senior dog, this is THE place to be for all your training and care questions and needs.

Here’s how I can help!

About Me

My name is Hindy Pearson, and I’m a dog trainer and care consultant, specialising in helping first time dog owners.

I have volunteered in animal shelters in Toronto and Florida, and one of the things I found very difficult to witness was, the number of dogs surrendered for issues that could have been “fixed” or at least managed. I started helping train the dogs I volunteered to walk, and one day I decided to get certified and become a professional dog trainer.



No matter what age your dog is, training is critical. If you rescued, it’s best to start at the beginning, just as you would if you just brought home a very young puppy. 


Care Consulting (This is about health and wellness)

This section is relevant no matter what age your dog is

  • How much exercise your dog needs and ideas for exercise
  • Providing your dog with mental stimulation
  • Nutrition
  • Choosing a vet
  • Normal signs of aging and what could signal a health concern
  • Tips on keeping your dog comfortable, and that includes supplements that may be beneficial
  • Ways you and your dog can adapt to hearing and vision loss, incontinence, dementia…
  • Getting your senior dog to eat
  • Quality of life issues, anticipatory grief, when to say goodbye, ways to honor their memory


Why work with me?

The answer is simple…because I want to and can help!

I have been a dog trainer for 12 years, and during that time helped hundreds of people train and care for dogs of all ages. I specialise in working with first time dog owners, because I know how overwhelming it can feel, I remember bringing my first dog home and thinking “now what?”

Of course there are an unlimited number of resources online, but back then (yes I may be dating myself!) it wasn’t as big.

In addition to working one on one with private clients, I offered training tips and advice to staff and volunteers to increase the chances of dogs getting adopted.


For a detailed list of the packages I offer, please click this link


Not sure what you need?

No worries! 

Schedule a FREE 15 minute consultation to learn more about how I can help. There’s absolutely no obligation. Click here to contact me. 

All sessions are conducted via Zoom, and here’s how you can learn more about how virtual training works.

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