Why Does My Dog Lick Everything – It Is So Annoying


Why does my dog lick everything

Dear Hindy,

My dog Winnie is constantly licking herself, me, the furniture…and it’s driving me crazy. What should I do? Thank you, Charlotte

Why Does My Dog Lick Everything

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Dear Charlotte,

I can sympathise that it is an annoying behaviour, that’s for sure. You don’t say if she mostly licks herself, but I’ll briefly address this issue in general. Some dogs are constantly licking themselves, to the point where sores develop.

If Winnie is focusing on a particular area on her body, it may be because she’s experiencing some pain or discomfort. Believe it or not, that spot may not be the source of the pain, but she’s focusing on it because it feels good.

What about boredom or anxiety? Two other possible reasons for the licking.

Another quite common reason is allergies, whether because of the food she’s eating, or her environment. My dog Jack used to do that a lot when we first adopted him, and switching him to a grain free diet helped. He also has environmental allergies at certain times of the year, and rolling around in the grass doesn’t help. I just ordered Colloidal Silver, as many pup parents have recommended it for itching and hot spots.

A visit to your vet will help you determine the cause of the licking. I don’t know your dog’s schedule but if you believe boredom makes sense, please be sure Winnie gets more exercise, play time, and mental stimulation in the form of puzzle toys and games.

Oh, and don’t forget to ask him if he thinks Colloidal Silver will help her!!

Here is a link to a podcast I did with a holistic vet about allergies. You should find this very helpful.

Good luck.




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