What Does Virtual Dog Training Mean? It means one on one training done online. My sessions are conducted via Zoom but Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or Skype can also be used.

Does it Matter Where I Live? No, and that is the beauty of virtual training. You can connect with me no matter where in the world you live.

Can You Really Train a Dog Online? Yes, you really can! I would not be offering this type of training if my clients weren’t seeing great results.

How Can You Train a Dog Without Having a Trainer Come to the House? Here are a few examples of what an online dog trainer can advise on:

How Will I Benefit from Virtual Training?

How Will My Dog Benefit from Virtual Training?

What can I Expect During a Virtual Session? You can expect 100% commitment to, and focus on, you and your dog. We discuss the issues/concerns you’re having, and you will have plenty of opportunity to ask questions throughout. I don’t end the session until I know you understand and are comfortable with everything we discussed.

How Do I Access My Training Session? When you sign up for a virtual training session we discuss if you would prefer to speak via Zoom, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or Skype. If you choose Zoom for example (which is what my clients prefer), I send you a link a couple of days before our session. All you need to do is click on it. I will admit you as soon as you “arrive.”

How Do I Get the Most Out of My Training Session?

What Do I Do After the Training Session is Over? You will still have my full support! The day of our session I will email you a summary of what we discussed, for you to use as reference.

Plan on spending 5-10 minutes for each training session you do with your dog. Too long and he’ll get bored or lose interest. How about keeping a training journal? Keep track of what you’re working on each day, how long and be sure to make note of how things are going. It will make it easier for you to see your progress…especially when you’re feeling like there isn’t any!

Can a Virtual Trainer Help Me with My Senior Dog? Most definitely! Have you recently rescued an old dog who needs a refresher training course? Are you looking for advice on keeping him or her comfortable, happy and healthy? If you answered yes, my senior dog care support service is for you.

I Have a Puppy, But I’m Not Sure I Want to Commit to a Package. Can You Still Help? Of course I can, just let me know you’re interested in paying as you need.

How is it Possible to Socialize a Dog Using an Online Dog Trainer? Socialization is about teaching a dog to be comfortable, calm and relaxed in our world. We do that by exposing him/her to many different people, environments, experiences, noises, sights and smells. I give you specifics on how to do just that.