Dog Training Agreement

Hindy Pearson Dog Training and Care Consultation Service (to be referred to as Trainer) agrees to provide private lessons, the goal being to teach the Client how to train and work with their dog. These lessons will take place virtually via video call. Trainer will make every reasonable effort to help Client achieve training and behavior modification goals, but makes no guarantee of their dog’s performance or behavior as a result of providing professional animal behavior consultation.

Client understands that he/she and members of the household must follow Trainer’s instructions without modification, work with dog daily as recommended, and constantly reinforce training being given to their dog.

This Agreement is binding upon Client, spouse of Client, and children of Client.

The parties confirm that, other than what is discussed during a training session, no promises, representations or oral understandings have been made with regard to Dog or anything else.

Client acknowledges that Trainer has not represented, promised, guaranteed or warranted that Dog will never bite, that Dog will not be dangerous or vicious in the future, that Dog will not exhibit other behavioral problems, or that the results of the training will last for any particular amount of time.

Client assumes sole responsibility for the behavior of the dog and forever releases and holds harmless Hindy Pearson Dog Training and Care Consultancy Service from any harm or damage caused by Client or Dog to any person or persons or property at any time.

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