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About Me

My Experience as a Dog Trainer

For many years I volunteered at shelters, caring for old and special needs dogs. It always shocked me to see the number of dogs returned due to behavior problems. The dogs were blamed, no training was given, they were adopted again and often returned for the same reason.

Imagine having 5 owners before the dog was even 2 years old! To me it was heartbreaking and so frustrating. Many people seemed unaware of the importance of training…something that should always be explained at the time of adoption.

I started doing basic training with the dogs to improve their chances of a forever home. For 14 years I had a dog walking and pet sitting business, focusing on dealing with difficult dogs who needed individual walks. I did more than just walk them, I helped with their issues. Becoming a certified dog trainer and behavior consultant was the next logical step. Helping you to help you dog is my true passion in life!

Qualifications and Training:

ADTB Approved Instructor (Academy of Dog Training & Behaviour)

How to Train a Puppy (udemy.com course presented by Dr Ian Dunbar)

Simple Solutions for Common Dog Behavior & Training Problems (udemy.com course presented by Dr Ian Dunbar)

Treatment & Prevention of Dog Aggression – Biting & Fighting (udemy.com, course presented by Dr Ian Dunbar)

Animal Behaviour Diploma (companion animals)

Care of the Senior Pet Certificate (Holly&Hugo)

Virtual Dog Training About Hindy

Going Global

I am from Montreal but wanderlust took me to live in New York for 2 years, Israel for 5 years, and Toronto for 13. I met my English husband in a restaurant in Costa Rica and moved to England. We left England after a few years, moved to Florida, came back to England, did the snowbird thing for a while, and now we’re in England. This experience taught us how small the world is when you’re connected by technology. I have regular clients from all corners of the globe. Thanks to Skype, Zoom and Facebook, we stay connected and chat regularly.

Virtual Dog Trainer About Hindy

About Me

I’m Hindy Pearson – dog trainer, behavior consultant, advocate for senior pet adoption with a passion for animal welfare.

I prefer to live within easy access of a big city, but could never live in the center of the hustle and bustle. After a few hours of the chaos I literally feel my blood pressure rising, so I know it’s time to retreat. I love the outdoors, and it’s the one place I feel truly at peace. Especially when accompanied by my own dogs.

A few times a year I run the Saffy Pearson Resource Centre. It is a mobile advice center where I set up in different locations and offer free advice to anyone with questions about their dogs and cats. I do this in memory of a dog named Saffy. The most important thing you should know about me…I can help you become an amazing pup parent.

Get in Touch

Convenient, affordable and highly effective dog training from the comfort of your own home. I work with all my long distance clients via Skype, Zoom, Facebook Video or phone.

  • hindy@dogparenting101.com
  • pinterest.com/hindypearson

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